Legislative Priorities

Because of the breadth of business, insurance, tax, employment, licensing, health, nutrition, and other issues that daily impact restaurants and bars, state and national lawmakers rely on trusted relationships with people well-versed on the collective concerns of the hospitality industry to help guide their decisions.

The Iowa Restaurant Association is the industry’s voice to state legislators and the National Restaurant Association to federal lawmakers. Both represent the interests of restaurant and bar operators at the state and Capitol and to Congress day-in and day-out.

  • IRA and NRA lobbyists work at the national, state, and local levels of government
  • Iowa Grassroots Opportunities Network encourages and involves members directly in grassroots lobbying.
  • IRA Political Action Committee contributes to Iowa candidates who support the industry’s interests.

Through our website, legislative and other briefs, as well as government affairs activities, IRA members have the information and tools they need to be an effective part of the political process. IF you are not currently a member of the IRA, contact us to learn how you can join us in our legislative efforts.


In 2015 the Iowa Restaurant Association’s legislative efforts are focused on two areas — protecting the tip wage and repealing DRAM Shop and instead establishing a state run innocent victims’ fund for alcohol related incidents.

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Iowa Restaurant Association Legislative Priorities

Iowa Restaurant Association position on minimum wage and tip wage

Iowa Restaurant Association position on DRAM reform (repeal and replace)

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