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Food Safety Training

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals has adopted the 2009 Federal Food Code with the 2011 Supplement which took effect January 1, 2014. This new code requires every food establishment in Iowa have a certified food protection manager. The certified manager need not be present during all hours of operation.
The Iowa Restaurant Association Executive Committee voted last fall to support this provision of the Code. Noting that as the professional association of our industry, it was important to promote the highest standards in restaurants and other food establishments. The Association's leadership believes having a certified food safety manager not only protects the public, it also protects businesses.
ServSafe has long been the standard for training and certifying food protection managers in the restaurant industry. It is the primary certification used by hospitality establishments across the country to meet the food code requirement for a "certified food protection manager." The Iowa Restaurant Association recommends managers attend a one-day ServSafe class which includes the proctored exam. Managers have to certify every five years. Classes are available monthly across the state via ISU Extension, the Iowa Restaurant Association, and many food purveyors. Online and alternative learning formats are also available.
See the upcoming training calendar for details or to learn more.

Certified Food Protection Manager Requirement

Effective January 1, 2014
  • New establishments must comply within six months of licensure
  • Existing establishments that have not had a food borne illness risk factor or public health intervention violation must comply by January 1, 2018
  • Any establishment that has had a food borne illness risk factor or public health intervention violation must comply within six months of the violation
  • If the certified food manager leaves employment, the establishment has six months to certify a new manager.

Save $50 on ServSafe Registration

Iowa Restaurant Association members only pay $100 for ServSafe classes while nonmember registration costs $150.

Spanish Language ServSafe Classes Available

As a multicultural industry, it is crucial that equal opportunities are available for every employee to learn about food safety and Food Code compliance; therefore the Iowa Restaurant Association is offering quarterly Spanish language ServSafe classes. Call 515-276-1454 to learn more and register.